Cooperation Agreement with Japanese University

The Rector of the University of Malta, Prof. Roger Ellul-Micallef, recently signed a cooperation agreement with Akita International University (AIU) to promote the exchange of students between the two universities, besides others forms of cooperation such as the exchange of faculty staff, collaborative research, and the development and offering of training programmes, workshops and conferences.

AIU President, Dr Mineo Nakajima, visited Malta purposely for the signing ceremony. The Agreement was facilitated through the kind intervention of Malta's Hon. Consul General in Japan, Prof. Rei Shiratori, who was also recently on a visit to Malta. Prof. Shiratori holds the position of Select Professor at AIU.

AIU is a top ranking university located in Northern Japan and is the only Japanese university to offer its entire curriculum in English. It offers only two majors: Global Business and Global Studies. As part of their four-year undergraduate studies, all AIU students must spend at least one year abroad as part of a study abroad program. This agreement provides a unique opportunity for AIU students to study side-by-side with University of Malta students and vice-versa. Further information on Akita International University is available from its website:

from left Dr Mineo Nakajima, AIU President, Prof. Roger Ellul-Micallef, Rector University of Malta, and Prof. Godfrey Pirotta, Head, Department of Public Policy.