Work in Progress Seminars On Wednesday 22 March the seminar series Work in Progress in the Social Studies continues to celebrate its 10th anniversary, following on the three Special Seminars devoted to Max Weber’s Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism. The topic will be original: George Bataille’s Interpretation of Potlach and the Gift. The speaker will be Mr. Francois Zammit, post-graduate student in philosophy. He will argue that French philosopher Georges Bataille analysed the ritual of the potlach beyond the domain of reciprocity and power game. He viewed it as a waste of material resources. But this very waste is the basis of his theory of general economy. Economy is based on whims and desires. For Bataille, irrationality is the same source moving both poetry and economy. Action and labour are not necessarily a means to an end - they may have no use-value whatever. Mr. Zammit will be drawing on Bataille’s Tears of Eros, Accursed Share, Inner Experience, and Theory of Religion. 6-7 pm. followed by discussion. Mediterranean Institute Room 124 opposite University Library by the Arvid Pardo Study Area behind HSBC on campus. Entrance from Carpark 4. The public is cordially welcome.