Winners of Youth & the Oceans – The Artworks Competition “Youth and the Oceans – The Artworks Competition” has now come to a close. The winners of this local painting competition were chosen through online voting and by a Selection Panel of artists, educators and marine scientists. A first and second prize are being awarded for each of the two categories, Ages 5 to 10 and Ages 11 to 15, together with a number of token gifts.

The winners are: (For ages 5 to 10) 1st Prize - Tara Camilleri, Xemxija with “Pollution vs Clean Ocean”; 2nd Prize – Amy Grech, Rabat with “Fishland”; for Best Artistic Presentation – Alain Mifsud Zelbst, Balzan with “Under the Sea”; for Originality – Corinne Micallef-Grimaud, Birguma with “Mysterious Water”; and as Promising Talent – Darren Sammut, Gzira with “Underwater Life”.

(For Ages 11 to 15) 1st Prize – Camille Felice, Balzan with “Listen to the Sea”; 2nd Prize – Sarah Micallef, San Gwann with “A Forgotten Unpolluted World”; for Best Artistic Presentation – Jasmine Fenech, Mtarfa with “Into the Deep”, Cecilia Zammit Endrich, Tal-Virtu with “In the Shadows”, Janice Tanti, Rabat with “Mysteries of the Sea”, Sarah Mercieca, Madliena with “Fish in the Sea”, Manuel M. Bonnici, Sannat, Gozo with “Marine Life”; for Originality – Lisa Zammit Endrich, Rabat with “Fish Frenzy”; and as Promising Talent - Mark Zammit Cutajar, Mellieha with “Marine Life”.

The awards will be presented to the winners at the Awards Presentation Night due to be held on Sunday, 12th November.

This local painting competition provided the younger generations with the opportunity to use their creative and artistic abilities, to put forward specific messages that relate to the sea, and to make their name and talents known. Twenty-four of the best 30 submitted artworks, including all winning artworks, were also submitted to an international competition for possible publication in the International Ocean Institute’s “Children and the Sea” album, which will be distributed worldwide.

The best artwork submissions, including the winning ones can be viewed on the IOI-Kids website, a website that seeks to present knowledge on the marine environment in an appealing form to children and teenagers. The competition was organized by IOI-Malta Operational Centre of the University of Malta, which undertakes research and studies related to the sea, promotes education, training and public awareness as well as provides services in physical oceanography.