Exploring Educational Leadership in the Euro-Med Region Christopher Bezzina from the Faculty of Education has been awarded a grant by the European Commission to co-ordinate introductory research work in the field of educational leadership within the Euro-Med region. Dr Bezzina will bring together researchers and policy makers from the region to study various aspects of leadership. The main areas that will be initially explored are:

1. How the area of educational administration, management and leadership has evolved as a discipline of study and research within the region.
2. The governance of school management.
3. Explore the main challenges that school leaders in the Euro-Med region are facing.
4. The preparation, licensure/certification, selection, evaluation and professional development of school leaders.
It is envisaged that as the project unfolds further the varied educational perspectives of the countries involved will be shared and conceptual frameworks explored. Various learning opportunities that will bring the group together will be identified.