Media and Maltese Society, a Book by Dr Carmen Sammut

Media and Maltese Society, a book by Dr Carmen Sammut, was launched on Thursday May 17 at the Hilton. Broadcaster Anna Bonanno moderated the discussion. Media analysts and academics Evarist Bartolo and Rev Joe Borg, together with journalist Karl Schembri and columnist Lino Spiteri made the appraisals. Tumas Fenech Foundation for the Education of Journalists supported the event.

The book offers a comprehensive analysis of the media landscape in Malta. The author, who is a lecturer in media and international relations, is a former public broadcasting journalist who embarked on years of research to investigate and reflect on the state of Maltese journalism and other media processes.

Media and Maltese Society examines the media owned by political parties, trade unions and the church and how they compete for audiences with the public and private sectors. Institutional efforts to influence the information flow were explored by means of field observations and in-depth interviews in newsrooms. These influences were further examined in an analysis of content and discourses of news during the referendum campaign for European Union membership. Finally, the study explored how audience’s make sense of the cacophony of fragmented news items that are reaching them through various media outlets.