Designing Future Possibilities Malta University Press has just published ‘Designing Future Possibilities’, the latest in the series ‘Creative Thinking’ edited by Sandra Dingli.
This publication is comprised of selected proceedings from The Fifth International Conference on Creative Thinking, which was held at the University of Malta in June 2004.

Due to the important role that the future plays in our lives, the theme ‘Designing Future Possibilities’ was chosen. A great deal of progress has been accomplished in recent years to design practical methodologies through which we can develop scenarios or visions to forecast the future, which can never be known with certainty.

The papers offer a varied number of perspectives on the subject of creativity. Viewpoints which are presented concern issues that include design, problem solving, conflicts, methodologies, communication and learning. An underlying theme which runs through a number of papers highlights the important role that technology increasingly plays in our lives and the links that are emerging between creativity, innovation and future possibilities.

The sections into which the papers in this publication have been divided is arbitrary and reflects the interdisciplinary nature of creativity.

Papers by authors include Edward De Bono, Jonathan Borg, Kevin Warwick, Stephen Heppell and Jacques Richardson.

Price: Lm10/Euros22.90 (including Vat). All past issues in the series are available.

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