Presentations about Early Childhood Education and Care The Early Childhood Education Programme within the Department of Primary Education at the Faculty of Education, cordially invites the general public to two presentations by guest colleagues who will be visiting Malta in April and May. Both presentations invite participants to reflect on training issues in preparation for professional staff required to work in the field of Early Childhood Education.

The first presentation, scheduled for April 18th focuses on Early Childhood Education and teacher training in Sweden. The guest speaker is Maelis Karlsson Lohmander, from Göteborg University in Sweden. She has been a director of the Early Childhood Teacher Education programme for many years and has long experience working with student teachers and pre-school teachers at undergraduate, post-graduate and in-service education. She is also the Director of the Early Childhood Research and Development Centre at Göteborg University in Sweden and a member of the Board of Trustees, of the European Early Childhood Education Research Association. In one of her recent publications, Maelis questions the ''fading'' of a teaching profession in light of reforms of Early Childhood teacher education in Sweden.

The second presentation which is being held on May 9th focuses on Integrated Services in early childhood education and the consequences for professional training. The guest speaker is Pamela Oberhuemer from the State Institute of Early Childhood Research in Munich, Germany. She is currently co-ordinating a project focusing on systems of early education/care and professionalization in Europe. This is a follow up study to her earlier research entitled "Working with Young Children in Europe" (Oberhuemer / Ulich, 1997), which looked at ECEC systems and training policies in the then 15 EU countries. In the current work, the early childhood education policies and training services within the 10 'new' EU member states are the focus. Pamela has also been involved in research and development in intercultural pedagogy for many years and has published widely (in German and English) in these areas.

Both presentations start at 1700hrs and will be held in Hall B2 at the Gateway Building, University of Malta. Further information can be obtained from Dr Valerie Sollars ( who is co-ordinating both events.