Socrates-Erasmus Exchange between the University of Malta and Universidad de Valladolid, Spain This year’s Socrates-Erasmus Student Exchange Programme between the Institute for Energy Technology of the University of Malta and the Department of Industrial Engineering at Valladolid University, Spain, was successfully concluded last week, with the completion of the course ENT4016: Final-year Project in Energy Technology.

Five students from Valladolid University took up this unit at the Institute for Energy Technology, in Marsaxlokk. The projects covered areas of specific interest to the Institute, namely, thermal conductivity of building materials, headed by Mr. Mario Fsadni, site-specific wind data management and analyses, led by Ing. Robert N. Farrugia and performance of different grid-connected photovoltaic systems in Malta, directed by Mr Charles Yousif.

The students were examined by approved Boards of Examiners composed of their respective supervisors and experts that included Prof. Robert Ghirlando, Prof. Edward Mallia, Dr Tonio Sant and Dr Cedric Caruana Mifsud from the University of Malta. Prof. Juan Antonio Lopez Sastre from Valladolid University also participated as an external examiner.

Discussions were held between Prof. Sastre and the Institute’s staff in order to further enhance this experience in the coming years. Later this year, Ing. Farrugia will visit Valladolid University to deliver lectures and present proposals for students’ projects to be offered by the Institute during the academic year 2007/8.

A 3-year agreement was duly signed by the Rectors of the respective Universities that would secure collaboration up to the year 2010. The agreement provides opportunities for students as well as teaching staff mobility. Besides the Department of Industrial Engineering, the Institute has also signed agreements with the Department of Mechanical Engineering and the Department of Applied Physics of Valladolid University.