IHC Graduates studying at the University of Salford Rebecca Cachia Fearne and Mariella Galea, both experienced nurses, are currently studying at the University of Salford, Manchester. On completion of their studies they will be involved in contributing to teaching in the specialized Degree course in Community Nursing/Midwifery due to start shortly at the Institute of Health Care. Their studies are being sponsored by the Department of Health and the Directorate of Nursing Services together with two scholarships from the Stabile-Ryan Foundation. The above candidates had received the highest scores in the selection interviews conducted by the Department of Health and Institute of Health Care. The Stabile-Ryan Foundation was established by the late Dr H.F. Stabile in order to promote health care education.

Dr Isabel Stabile, Rebecca Cachia Fearne, Jesmond Sharples, Director Nursing Services, Mariella Galea and Dr Ray Busuttil at Palazzo Castelana in Valletta.