Bilateral Agreement between the Universities of Malta and Leicester A five-year memorandum of understanding was signed between the Faculty of Education, University of Malta and the School of Education, University of Leicester, on 2nd March 2007. The agreement was signed by Professor Paul Cooper, Director of the School of Education at the University of Leicester and Dr Carmel Borg, Dean Faculty of Education, in the presence of Professor Alfred Vella, Pro Rector, University of Malta.

The bilateral agreement is the result of the close collaboration - ranging from teaching to research and publications - that has flourished between the two universities over the past three years. This collaboration includes teaching and research staff exchange visits at both universities and the publication of the second Faculty of Education Monograph. Other initiatives involve a national research project on social, emotional and behaviour difficulties in Maltese schools, and the first European conference on social, emotional and behaviour competence and difficulties, being held in Malta this year. Various staff members of the University of Leicester will be contributing on the Faculty of Education M.Ed in Social, Emotional and Behaviour Difficulties.

This agreement consolidates the existing partnership between the two universities and provides a framework for other initiatives concerning teaching, research, publications, and course design amongst others, in the coming years.

l to r: Prof Alfred Vella, Dr Carmel Borg and Prof Paul Cooper