Design of Joint European Masters Degree nets over €600.000 The design of a joint European Masters degree coordinated by the University of Malta has netted over Euro 600,000 of EU funding, Maurice Grech, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering said.

Speaking during a press conference at the University, Prof. Grech said the degree to be called MinSE refers to a European Masters in heat treatment and surface engineering. The project has the backing of four partners universities apart from the University of Malta. These are Clausthal in Germany, Miskolc in Hungary, Birmingham in the UK and Petru Mures in Romania.

These seats of learning are complemented by six enterprising partners including Surface Engineering Ltd which is the commercial arm of the Department of Metallurgy and Materials at Tal-Qroqq and SMEs in the UK and Romania. Another partner is Bodycote which is a multi national with over 270 branches world wide.

Prof. Tom Bell, a world authority on surface engineering said that the programme has potential for wide dissemination and will achieve trans- national quality assurance of curriculum and wide spread recognition.

The primary object of the project is to merge the expertise and strengths of the academic and industrial partners to design a post graduate study programme.

Surface Engineering is a major strength within the Faculty of Engineering at Tal-Qroqq and one in which the University of Malta has invested considerably over the last ten years. It refers to a wide spectrum of technologies designed to modify the surface properties of components for specific engineering purposes. These surface modifications may serve to improve corrosion and wear resistance, impart lubricity and non stick properties, improve electrical conductivity, or solderability, and other.

Prof Grech, who is also the coordinator of the project said the master’s programme targets international candidates seeking to further their studies, persons from various industrial sectors and life-long learners.

Present for the press conference were Prof. Juanito Camilleri, Rector University of Malta; Prof. Maurice Grech coordinator of project, Dr Hanshan Dong  from the University of Birmingham, Prof. Volker Westling from the Technical University of Clausthal; Dr Livio Moldovan from University of Petru Mures, Dr Maria Koscsis Baan from the   University of Miskolc, Ing. Stephan Abela from Surface Engineering Ltd, Prof. Zoltan Kolozvary from Plasmaterm SA, Romania, Mr Robert Wood from the International Federation of Heat Treatment and Surface Engineering, Dr Paul Grasske from MicroMaterials, UK and Prof. Tom Bell, the technical evaluator of the programme.

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