Talks in Milan and Verona Professor Peter Mayo, Department of Education Studies, Faculty of Education, University of Malta, has recently returned from a short and intensive trip to Milan and Verona. In Milan, he was invited speaker to address the plenary of a one day meeting, held on March 29th at the Universita` degli Studi di Milano, Sesto San Giovanni, on the theme of ‘Essere educatori oggi, tra scuola e territorio, tra locale e globale. Educazione allo sviluppo e educazione popolare a confronto’ organsed by Save the Children, Italia and the Polo Mediazione Linguistica e Culturale of the University of Milan.  Professor Mayo delivered one of the two talks in this plenary which was then followed by roundtable discussions. His talk centred around ‘L’Educazione nel Contesto Globale’. The next day, he conducted a 6 hr session for students in the Dottorato di Ricerca programme at Verona’s Universita` degli Studi. The first part of the session dealt with globalization and its impact on education. The second part of the session dealt with the theme of ‘Educazione e Mediterraneo. Ripensando Paulo Freire’.