Getting the Balance Right - Gender Balance in Advertising In response to the European Advertising Standards Alliance’s (EASA) call for agency self-regulation, MUS Ltd in collaboration with NCPE have designed a course to help bridge the gap between consumer/legislative demands for more balanced advertising.

It aims at clarifying core issues around “what makes an advert gender balanced or not”, current legislative frameworks around gender balance, portrayal and discrimination in advertising, and demonstrate that gender balanced advertising will benefit the consumer, the client, and the agency. It should help agencies understand the strategies required to produce ‘good’ advertising.

Dr Brenda Murphy a lecturer in Media and Cultural Studies in the Department of Communication Studies at the University of Malta, designed this programme specifically for busy professionals working in the Advertising industry; and with those busy professionals in mind the course is designed to complement day to day work practices for designers, copywriters, directors, producers, photographers and account managers/executives/planners.

Dr Murphy has worked with various advertising bodies in London, Dublin and Malta and has acted as advisor to various institutions and Government entities with regard to advertising policy especially around gender issues, and has been involved with both the practical production, on radio/tv/print programmes. She is currently involved in several EU projects, which focus on various aspects of gender portrayal in the media.

Dr Sina Bugeja, NCPE chairperson, will also address the participants.

The course will run on the 12th, 20th and 26th March, between 1500hrs and 1800hrs. It targets all members of any advertising agency including creative directors, account managers, copy writers, graphic designers, and researchers.

For further details and application forms please contact Mr C.J. Falzon on