Dr Neville Vassallo's paper in a book by Nova Science Publishers Dr Neville Vassallo, Department of Physiology and Biochemistry of the University of Malta, has recently been invited to write a chapter for a book by Nova Science Publishers, entitled "Prion Proteins in Signal Transduction". The book (in press) is intended for the scientific community and is entitled "New Research in Signal Transduction", edited by Bruce R. Yanson. The chapter takes into account the research he carried out on this topic both locally and abroad, at the Zentrum fur Neuropathologie und Prion Forschung, Munich, over the past several years. Thus, the physiological function of this important brain protein is discussed, as well as how pharmacological stimulation of lost signals may provide a useful treatment approach for these fatal neurological illnesses. In addition, a novel mechanism of signaling based on the prion concept is proposed to play important roles in biological phenomena as diverse as adaptive growth, long-term memory and cancer.