Student Award in Microelectronics Mr Owen Casha who is carrying out postgraduate research work in Microelectronics at the University of Malta, presented a paper in December 2006 at the 13th IEEE International Conference on Electronics Circuits and Systems, held in Nice, France. The paper titled: “Design of a 1.2 V Low Phase Noise 1.6 GHz CMOS Buffered Quadrature Output VCO with Automatic Amplitude Control”, and coauthored by Ivan Grech, Joseph Micallef and Edward Gatt was ranked as the third Best Student Paper. The Award was presented to Owen Casha at the end of the Conference. The paper describes the design and optimization of a low phase noise 1.6 GHz Quadrature Output Voltage Controlled Oscillator with automatic amplitude control implemented in a 130 nanometre integrated circuit CMOS technology. The development of nanoscale CMOS technology and the consequent design of nanoscale integrated circuits underpins the continuous rapid development in ICT.