University of Malta and University of Palermo Meetings on Agriculture and Fisheries Mediterranean Trading and Innovation Centre (METIC) Project – Interreg IIIA

University of Malta, University of Palermo, Malta Federation of Industry, and Cofindustria Sicilia are leading partners in an Interreg IIIA project, which aims to stimulate business and research initiatives between Maltese and Sicilian industrial and academic stakeholders.

A delegation from the University of Palermo was in Malta recently to attend meetings focusing on agriculture and fisheries. These meetings were organised under the auspices of the Mediterranean Trading and Innovation Centre (METIC). METIC areas of interest include alternative energy and waste, telemedicine and e-learning, waste water treatment and municipal waste management, restoration of historical sites, agriculture and acquaculture.

Continuing cooperation with the University of Malta’s Institute of Agriculture was also discussed. Additionally, the Italian delegation had meetings with the Malta Council for Science and Technology, the Malta Resources Authority, the Malta Centre for Fisheries Sciences and the Ministry for Rural Affairs and the Environment. The delegates also held meetings with the Department for Projects and Development at the Ministry for Gozo.

These meetings support the goals of the METIC project in creating a network of excellence between universities, public and private entities in the area of agriculture and acquaculture.