Written Communication Skills for Clerks and Executive Officers The Human Resources Office, in collaboration with the Department of English, Faculty of Arts, organised a short introductory training course in ‘Written Communication Skills’. The course was aimed at all clerks and executive officers within the University who work in administration, faculties, institutes and centres. The sessions were held for a total of 157 participants between 25th April and 18th May 2007.

Mr Mario Aquilina, the course tutor, conducted a total of eight sessions. Mr Aquilina made participants aware of the importance of effective written communication skills and provided them with an overview of some essential features of writing skills for administrative purposes.

The main topics of the training course were Style, Tone, Organisation of Information, and Common Writing Errors. Participants were encouraged to work on sample material individually and in groups. They were also given the opportunity to provide their general feedback on the course by means of an evaluation form, distributed to them at the end of the session.

Further information on this training course may be obtained by contacting Karen Cacciattolo on ext. 2479 or email at karen.cacciattolo@um.edu.mt