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Chemistry is concerned with key challenges in today's society. These challenges include the development of new sources of energy, understanding the chemistry of biological processes, solving environmental problems, analysing genetic information, synthesising novel compounds in both drug design and development of materials, and understanding matter on the nanometre scale.

Our graduates will be prepared for careers working on these very issues in academic research, applied or industrial research, medicine and the health professions, and education, as well as in governmental organisations and authorities. In order to develop student talent in these areas, the Department of Chemistry at the University of Malta provides students with a complete education of the principles of traditional and modern chemistry, including a laboratory experience within the curriculum and in close collaboration with academic advisers.

Reaxys Licence
The University of Malta Library has recently licensed Reaxys.
New Instrumentation
New Instrumentation obtained through European Regional Development Funds.
Graduate News
Achievements of Chemistry Graduates ...

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