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Welcome to the UoM Stipends Office Website

The Stipends Office on Campus caters for students who are reading for a degree at the University of Malta. Students who are attending other institutions, such as Junior College, MCAST, or Higher Secondary, should contact their stipends office respectively.

In collaboration with the Registrar, Faculties, Institutes and Centres of the University, the Students Maintenance Grant Board, and the Treasury of Malta, the Stipends Office works in order to provide correct and timely information regarding University students so that their maintenance grant and stipend are issued.

Maintenance Grant App for Mature Students
Students who have been accepted as University students under regulations 2.2 (a)(iii) and (b)maturity clause are to apply on a yearly academic basis for the Maintenance Grant.
Supplementary Grant Forms
Applications for the Supplementary Grant are now closed.
Stipend Dates 2016
The stipend dates for the academic year 2015/16.

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