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All students who apply and are accepted under this scheme receive an extra grant together with their stipend. Students need ONLY apply if they are currently receiving a stipend and have particular financial difficulties. Students who have applied and were accepted in previous year/s should apply every year at the beginning of the academic year, providing the original SMGB Reference Number, and all documentation has to be attached to the SMGB Application form.

  • As from this academic year, the application for the Supplementary Grant will only be available online as part of the maintenance grant application. However, the Supplementary Grant application will only be available until the 30th November 2016. Both grants are to be applied for on a yearly basis. For information on ‘Eligibility and Regulations’, kindly refer to the website:
  • Applications for this grant will only be accepted till 30th November 2016.

  • Students must present documents to support their claim. Documents vary according to individual circumstances. A list of documents needed can be found on the same application form.

Kindly note that: 

  • Decisions regarding applications under the Supplementary Scheme are not taken by the staff of the Stipends Office at the University of Malta. Such decisions are taken by the Students Maintenance Grant Board. 

  • Kindly note the SMG Board will not approve applications where  the yearly household income exceeds the following rates: 
    • Family Rate: €11,900
    • Single Rate: €8,900
    • Single Parent Rate: €9,800
  • Once the applications have been reviewed by the Students Maintenance Grant Board, each student will be informed of the Board's decision via an official letter or e-mail. 

Should you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Supplementary Grant Forms
Applications for the Supplementary Grant are now part of the online stipend application.
Stipend Dates 2016/17
The stipend dates for the academic year 2016/17.
Maintenance Grants 2016/17
The applications for Students’ Maintenance Grants for academic year 2016/7 are now open. 
Last Updated: 25 August 2016

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