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50/2 (1999)

Theology as Public Discourse
 - Terrance Merrigan

Music in Teaching Religion in primary Schools
 - Lino Bianco, Irene Dillon and Marlene Gatt

A Global Redactional principle within the Primary History
 - Anthony Abela

The Holy Scriptures in a Multi-Cultural Society
 - Antonie Wessels

Family Values and Priorities in Conflict
 - Sergio Bernard Restrepo S.J.

John the Baptist and Elijah
 - A.M. Okorie

Holy Year 2000 - Biblical Origins of the Year of Jubilee
 - Brother John M. Samaha S.M.

Book Review
 - Rev. Dr. Anthony Abela

50/1 (1999)

Consensus Fidelium in Ecumenical Dialogue Today
 - Guido Vergauwen

Women in Islam: Myth Versus Reality
 - Meagan B. Dolleris

Psalm 110,1 and New Testment Christology: A Suggested Interpretation
 - James Swetnam, S.J.

The Chagga Scapegoat Purification Ritual and another re-Reading of the Goat of Azazel in Leviticus 16
 - Aloo Osotsi Mojola

Is Religion Under Threat of Being Pushed Aside in Today's Societies
 - Antoine Wessels

Book Review
 - Rev. Dr. Anthony Abela

49/2 (1998)

Maltese Teachers' Perception of Morally-Undersirable Behaviours Among Secondary Schoolchildern
 - Mark G. Borg

"I have Not Found Such faith in Israel" (Luke 7, 9)
 - John J. Kilgallen SJ

Pastoral Counselling
 - Alfred Darmanin SJ

Tropos Tes Hyparxeos Ton Theion Prosopon
 - Edward G. Farrugia

Patoral Attitudes in View of Rapid Changes in The World of Work
 - Sergio Bernal Restrepo SJ

The Ethical Implications of Christian Life in Saint Augustine of Hippo's De Sermone Domini in Monte
 - Salvino Caruana OSA

Limestone in Post-War British Architecture: It is a plea for a return to Pugin?
 - Lino Bianco

Mary in Byzantine Spiritual Life
 - Brother John Samaha, SM

Book Review

49/1 (1998)

Buddhist Syllogistic Theory
 - Lino Bianco

The Maltese Family
 - Carmen Delia

The Post-Resurrection Appearances
 - David J. Edwards

Saint Augustine Lecture
 - Rev. Salvino Caruana OSA

Book Review
 - Rev. Prof. Edward G. Farrugia

48/2 (1997)

The Role of Faculties of Theology in face of Modern Identity Claims
 - Rev. Salvino Caruana OSA

Shifting Values
 - Anthony M. Abela

Unity and Peace: Mutual Understanding between Religions as Utopia
 - Guido Vergaunwen

Il Matrimonio Sacramento della Nuova Legge
 - Rev. Dr. Frank Borg OP

John's Prologue: A Suggested Interpretation
 - James Swetnam S.J.

Book Review
 - Rev. Dr. Anthony Abela

48/1 (1997)

Advances in medical Genetics.  Prospectives and Ethical Problems
 - Angelo Serra

Communion: the Backbone of Life in Christ
 - Metropolitan Emilanos

Fathers and Children of the Church
 - Innocenzo Gargano OSB

Monasticism as a Bridge between East and West and their Common Heritage
 - Edward G. Farrugia, SJ

Insularity and Communion
 - Hilary Greenwood SSM

Liturgy, Timeless and Endless
 - Robin Gibbons

Monks in the city
 - Pierre-Marie Delfieux

Family Values and Priorities in Conflict
 - Sergio Bernal Restrepo SJ

Book Review
 - Fr. Hector M. Scerri

47/2 (1996)

Speaking of God in Post-Modern Europe
 - Bruno Forte

Two Professional Translations of the Bible in Maltese in the 20th Century
 - Anthony Abela

St. Augustine's Prayerful Reading or the Psalms
 - Sean Edward Kinsella

The Spirit of Richard Crashaw's Hymn to St. Teresa
 - Peter A. Huff

Notions of New Testament Priesthood
 - Peter Paul Zerafa OP

47/1 (1996)

Hegel's Notion of Gothic Architecture
 - Lino Bianco

Meals as Type-scenes in the Third Gospel
 - A.M. Okorie
Hebrews 11, 1-13, 24: A Suggested Structure
 - James Swetnam SJ

The Influence of the World of Work on Family Life
 - Segio Bernal Restrepo SJ

Qur`anic Exegesis: Muhammad & the Jinn
 - Edmund Theuma, O.F.M. Conv.

D'Herbigny's Soloviev The Lures of Universal Hermeneutics
 - E.G. Farrugia, SJ

Announcing the Gospel in Europe
 - Herve Legrand OP

Book Review

46/2 (1995)

The Sectarian in Us. Questions on the question "What is a Sect?" in East-West Perspective
 - Edward G. Farrugia

The Socio-Cultural Milieu of Holiness: Maltese Values in a Euro-Mediterranean Perspective
 - Anthony M. Abela

The Sacrament of Baptism in Cyril's Mystagogical Catecheses I-III
 - Frank Borg, O.P.

Ecclesiology in the Fathers
 - Mgr. Joseph Lupi

Book Review

46/1 (1995)

Pastoral Planning in Malta
 - Benjamin Tonna Page

To Understand what is acceptable to Muslims in Scripture translation And Format
 - Manuel M. Jimbachian

The Liber Naturoe as a Source of Revelation in the Sermones of Anthony of Padova
 - Noel Muscat O.F.M.

Mediterranean Meeting on Bioethics
 - Edgar Busuttil S.J.

The Old Testament and the New and Eternal Covenant
 - James Swetnam S.J.

Managerial Psychology and Religious Leadership
 - Alfred Darmanin S.J.

Book Review

45/2 (1994)

The Contents of Tradition and the Discontents of Culture
 - Edward G. Farrugia S.J.

Ways Forward in the Humanities
 - Peter Jones

A Possible Structure of Hebrews 3,7 - 10,39
 - James Swetnam

Environmental Aesthetics and Public Policy
 - John Haldane

Youth, Religion and Social Development
 - Anthony M.Abela

Newman Studies: Present and Future
 - Richard Penaskovic

Book Review

45/1 (1994)

The Iconic Character of Christian Language: Logos and Icon
 - Edward Farrugia

Jesus and the Law in St. Paul's Letters
 - John J. Kilgallen

Maschile e Femminile Verso un Nuovo Scambio Simbolico
 - Giulia P. Di Nicola

The Human Genome Project and Human Dignity
 - Edgar Busuttil S.J.

Book Review

44/2 (1993)

Monasticism as a Bridge Between East and West
 - Edward G. Farrugia S.J.

I Formed a Man With Yahweh
 - Peter Paul Zerafa O.P.

The Philosophical Implications of Einstein's Relativity Theology
 - Mark F. Montebello

Changing Religiosity: Secularisation and Variation Data Analysis of Religious Values in Spain
 - Anthony M. Abela S.J.

One Book: Two Different Reactions
 - Lino Sant
 - Anthony Abela
Book Review

44/1 (1993)

The Classical Crisis of Iconoclasm
 - Edward G. Farrugia S.J.

Philosophical Survey of Arabic Root "JNN"
 - Edmund Teuma O.F.M Conv.

Pilgrimage According to a Philosopher: A Tribute to michel Meslin
 - Peter Serracino Inglott

Post-Secularisation: The Social Significance of Religious Values In Four Catholic European countries
 - Anthony M. Abela S.J.

Gadamer and Schopenhauer: A Comperative Account of Their Aesthetic Theories
 - Claude Mangion

Book Review

43/2 (1992)

The Re-Current Crises of Iconoclanism
 - Edward G. Farrugia S.J.

From Gragons to Worms: Animals and the Subversion Of Hierarchy in Augustine's Theology
 - Peter Huff

Can a Catholic be a Liberal? Catholic Social Teaching and Communitarianism
 - John Haldalane

The Structure of Hebrews 1,1 - 3,6
 - James Swetnam S.J.

Some Major Challenges for Christology
 - Gerald O'Collins S.J.

Book Reviews

43/1 (1991)

The Figure of Paul in the Acts of the Apostles
The Areopagos Speech
 - Paul Sciberras

Participation Property and Work in Catholic Social Teaching 
 - George Grima

European Values Study in Malta
 - Anthony M. Abela S.J.

The Servant in a Fellowship of Suffering and Life with the Lord
 - Nicholas Cachia

Umberto Cassuto's the Documentary Hypothesis Thirty Years Later 
 - Anthony Abela

The Social Teaching of the Church as a Living Tradition 100 Years after Rerum Novarum
 - Franz Furger

The Homily Communicating the Word of God to Today's World
 - John A. Frendo O.P.

Book Review

42/2 (1991)

To Enter or not to Enter: A Literary and Theological Study of Psalm 95
 - Alexander Vella

Was Ur-Markus the Source for Lk. 19-15 - 20:47?
 - James M. Dawsey

Meaning and Speaker's Intentions
 - Joe Friggieri

Hegel's Encyclopedia of 1830 40-51 
An Exegesis - II
 - Rolf Ahlers

Etica Personalista, Bioetica ed Etica dell' Ambiente
 - Attilio Danese

42/1 (1990)

The Concept of "The Common Heritage of Mankind" in The Catholic Social Tradition
 - Emmanuel Agius

Hegel's Encyclopedia of 1830.
An exegesis - I
 - Rolf Ahlers

The Psychology of Pastoral Care
 - Victor Shields

Marriage as a Sacrament: A Theology in Transition
 - Brennan R. Hill

The Museum as an Audio-Visual Cultural Centre
 - Francis Cachia

Book Review

41/2 (1990)

The Daily Life of Second Century Christians 
 - Prospero Grech

Hebrews 11 - An Intepretation
 - James Swetnam

The Evolution of the Conciliar Texts Regarding the Muslims
 - Joseph Farrugia

Fermenti e Problemi delle Donne nella Chiesa Oggi 
 - Giulia P. di Nicola

Book Reviews

41/1 (1990)

John 11: Author's Stylistic Devices and Church Vocabulary
 - Joseph Calleja

The Role of a Religious Leader Today
 - Alfred Darmanin

The Structure of Hebrews: A Fresh Look
 - James Swetnam

The Blessed Virgin's Genealogy in the Qur'an: An Exegetical Problem
 - Edmund Theuma

Outlines of the Christology of St. Augustine: Part 3
 - Hubertus R. Drobner

Persona e Sviluppo nel Tempo del Post-Liberismo
 - Attilio Danese

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