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The Research Innovation and Development Trust (RIDT)
RIDT aims to strengthen investment in high-calibre research and development across every faculty and department within the University, and on a national level, and to foster the commercial exploitation of this research. It does this by attracting support from both private individuals and corporate bodies.

The Malta University Holding Company Ltd (MUHC)
The Malta University Holding Company Ltd (MUHC) embodies the commercial interests of the University of Malta. The companies comprised in the Holding Company serve as the commercial interface between the University of Malta and the business community, brokering the resources and assets of the University to provide added value through commercial activity.

Malta University Language School
The school specialises in quality teaching at various levels including Proficiency. It offers a course which on completion of the exam allows students into the University of Malta. ISL is also a recognised centre for LCCI - business related exams and TOLES - legal English exams.

The Malta University Residence
The Malta University Residence is conveniently located 3.4 kms from the University Msida Campus. It is situated on extensive private grounds with a large communal pool and within walking distance from the quaint town centre of Lija and is recognised for its safe surroundings and value-for-money. The Residence operates a courtesy bus service to and from the Msida Campus.

Hotel Kappara
The hotel is located in the suburb of San Gwann in an affluent residential area called Kappara. Exquisitely appointed, a small three star hotel, it features all the necessary comforts and services holiday makers and travellers seek.

The Matriculation and Secondary Education Certificate Examinations Board is responsible for the Matriculation Certificate Examinations and the Secondary Education Certificate Examinations held twice yearly.

Malta Internet Foundation - NIC(Malta)
The Malta Internet Foundation, also known as NIC(Malta), was set up by the University in 1999 and is responsible for the .MT top-level Internet domain for Malta. The Foundation is also involved in various other activities to promote the development of Internet in Malta.
Last Updated: 3 March 2017

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