ACCESS Disability Support Committee

ACCESS Disability Support Committee

The ACCESS Disability Support Committee was set up to:

  • report to Council and Senate regarding the ways that accessibility to lectures, other teaching sessions and examinations can be achieved for each individual with a disability
  • consider requests by candidates for MATSEC Examinations and by University and Junior College students for access arrangements and to approve reasonable access arrangements that enable such students to demonstrate their attainment and capabilities.

Composition of the Committee

Professor Carmen Sammut

Professor Paul Bartolo
Dr Anne-Marie Callus
Dr Christine Marie Firman
Ms Rhoda Garland
Dr Victoria Gauci
Professor David Mamo
Professor Julian Mamo
Professor Janet Mifsud
Junior College Principal or delegate 
Registrar or delegate
Director, MATSEC Support Unit
Three members appointed by Council
Ms Yasmine Ellul
Ms Nicole Galea