Digital Education Committee

Digital Education Committee

The Digital Education Committee has been set up to provide advice and recommendations to the Senate on educational technologies for teaching, learning and assessment.

Terms of reference

The Committee provides advice on:

  • the adoption and best practice use of mainstream educational technologies (e.g. VLE, lecture capture, web conferencing platform, digital assessment platform, plagiarism detection software, audio-visual technologies)
  • current and emerging educational technology developments and practices for teaching, learning and assessment:
    - existing and future policies and procedures related to educational technologies,
    - support, training, communication and professional learning requirements related to educational technologies, and
    - priorities for funding of educational technology-related projects.

Composition of the Committee

Professor Ing. Saviour Zammit

Ms Jo-Anne Attard
Dr Ing John Betts
Dr Philip Bonanno
Professor Victor Buttigieg
Professor Joseph Cacciottolo or delegate
Dr Michelle Camilleri
Ms Josianne Camilleri Vella
Professor Joseph Cannataci
Dr Maria Cassar
Mr James Cilia
Professor Matthew Montebello
Chief Information Officer & Director for IT Services
Registrar or delegate
Director for Human Resources Management  Development
Two student representatives

This Committee can set up working groups to focus on aspects of digital education such as e-assessment.
The Chair can invite academics from outside the Committee to contribute to these working groups.