Student representatives

Student Representatives on Boards of the Faculties, Institutes, Centres and Schools

The election results for Student Representatives on the Boards which were held on Thursday, 14 March 2019:
An election was not necessary for the vacancies on the Boards of the following entities due to the fact that the nominations received did not exceed the vacancies on the respective Boards:
The role
Student Representatives are the link between students and the University. 

Student Representatives on Council, Senate, Boards of the Faculties, Institutes, Centres and Schools at the University of Malta are committed to:
  • make a difference 
  • achieve change
  • improve the students’ experience on campus.
Participation and contribution on the various University Boards will now be officially acknowledged on the transcript. As from academic year 2016/17, a new optional study-unit, PSY2650 – Student Representation at University, has been offered.

This optional study-unit will combine experiential learning with active reflection on that learning. The aim of this study-unit is to facilitate student participation in a number of meetings within University structures and help students develop interpersonal and group skills. 

Students can register for PSY2650 as an extra study-unit; this is applicable for students following courses where all study-units are compulsory. Other students can opt for this unit as an optional study-unit. Details are available online. [PDF]

To register for PSY2650 students are expected to: 
  • be currently student representatives or intending to contest the student representatives elections during the current academic year
  • attend the Board Meetings
  • attend the 3 Seminars which are held during the year.
Students are strongly encouraged to register for this study-unit as such training will enable participants to be better and more effective representatives of fellow students.

This study-unit will not be on offer during the current academic year 2018/19.

Contact details
Ms Carmen Mangion
Senior Executive
Office of the Registrar
Room 209 Administration Building
Tel: +356 2340 3736/3696