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Academic Programmes Quality & Resources Unit
The Academic Programmes Quality and Resources Unit (APQRU) functions as the administrative arm of the Programme Validation Committee (PVC). The role of APQRU is to provide administrative support to academic staff in the planning stages of new and updated programmes of study in order to ensure that the processes set up to ensure quality outcomes are followed. APQRU also facilitates the provision of advice in connection with physical resources and other costs associated with academic programmes. 

Estates, Facilities and Capital Development Directorate

The main objective is the management of all land and buildings appertaining to the University of Malta, including the overall management of construction and maintenance projects on University property.

Finance Office
The Finance Office is committed to seeking excellence, quality and value for money in the provision of its services; establishing an appropriate resource allocation model; ensuring that expenditure is controlled, income maximised, and resources used in the most efficient and effective manner.

International Office
The International Office is responsible for developing, planning and implementing the University’s internationalisation policy, particularly in the area of relations with other Institutions and in promoting the University overseas.

Legal Services
The Legal Office deals with any matter which has, or could potentially have, any legal implication/consequence to the University of Malta and/or any of its group of companies.

Office for Human Resources Management & Development
The Office for Human Resources Management & Development leads the University’s efforts to recruit, develop and maintain a workforce that meets the needs of a dynamic academic institution.

Office of the Registrar
The Office of the Registrar is responsible for academic administration at the University including all matters related to courses and students from admissions, class and examinations scheduling, academic records, yearly progression to graduation. The Office also has responsibility for other student services such as the Students Advisory Services. As Secretary to Senate and all Faculty, Institute, Centre and School Boards, the Registrar is responsible for seeing that all Senate decisions and all Regulations are correctly implemented.

Procurement Directorate
The Procurement Directorate scrutinises overall expenditure of goods and/or services by the University of Malta and provides support to the administrative staff responsible for procurement in each Faculty, Institute and Centre. It caters as well for customs clearance procedures necessary in the import and export requirements of the University of Malta.

Quality Support Unit
The main function of the Quality Support Unit is to support the expansion and enhancement of the quality culture of and at the University of Malta. It does so by assisting in the development of suitable practices in the university's teaching, administration, research and advocacy endeavours. These practices may be campus-wide or otherwise specific to the University of Malta's particular Faculties, Institutes, Centres and Schools.

Last Updated: 27 September 2017

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