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ACCESS – Disability Support Unit

The University of Malta is committed to the creation of a user-friendly environment on campus with specially designed facilities for disabled persons.

The Chaplaincy aims to assist the members of the University of Malta in their growth as individuals and as a Church community to celebrate and live the message of Christ.

Conference and Events Unit
The University of Malta Events Team is responsible for the busy calendar of events across campus and ensures the smooth running of the activities.

Counselling Services

Personal counselling is provided in order to allow students to make the most of their academic education by removing barriers to effective functioning.

Childcare Centres
The childcare centres at the University of Malta are It-Tajra Childcare Centre, Ilwien Childcare Centre and Kids on Campus. This service is available for members of staff, students and the general public.

Project Support Team
The Project Support Team provides assistance on the technical, legal and financial aspects of a project. The team assists members of staff in the project proposal stage and during the project’s life, in particular to provide assistance relating to administrative and financial procedures.

Research Support Services Directorate

The Research Support Services Directorate (RSSD) provides comprehensive support to academics on all aspects of undertaking excellent research, from obtaining funding to carrying out experimental work. To this end, the RSSD supports activities that are similar across all Faculties, Institutes and Centres through provision of core services, ranging from access to external funding to efficient laboratory management.

Students Advisory Services

The office integrates both public relations and an administrative function and operates in close liaison with the Counselling Services, the Admissions and Records Office and the other offices of the Registrar.

Sexual Harassment Policy [PDF]

Harassment and Bullying Policy [PDF]

Last Updated: 15 February 2018

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