Strategic implementation phase

Strategic implementation phase

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The Strategic Plan provides a roadmap to achieve a set of goals, deliver value, and succeed as a critical stakeholder in Malta’s education sector. The plan is just the beginning of the journey. In the next phase, the University will engage in an intensive implementation process that turns strategic objectives into actions in order to achieve the vision and mission it has developed with students, staff and social partners.

For the strategy to be implemented, the University will engage in best practices pertaining to:

  • Communicating the content, principles and objectives of the University’s strategy to the stakeholders of each strategic activity
  • Addressing the who, where, when and how of each strategic objective
  • Managing the pillars of implementation - people, resources, structure, systems, and culture
  • Creating clear ownership and accountability for strategic initiatives
  • Empowering implementers with authority, responsibility and the tools required
  • Linking employee incentives to the strategy
  • Linking budgeting to the strategy
  • Integrating the Strategic Plan with day-to-day administrative activities
  • Tracking progress and engaging in review and discussion on implementation at regular intervals, through monthly strategy meetings on each Strategic Theme, as well as an annual strategic review

Dissemination of the plan

  • Website - the Strategic Plan is available on the UM website in web page and pdf format
  • Rectors’s Email Update - sent out to all stakeholder
  • Booklets - printed copies of the full version and summary version

Identification of deliverables 2019-2020

As committed by Senate and Council in May/June 2019, the Chairs for the Strategic Themes will continue to oversee and to be the leading Chairs for the Strategic Implementation of the respective Strategic Themes and will: 

  • Select and define actionable deliverables for the Academic Year 2019-2020 from the respective themes in the University of Malta Strategic Plan, considering items for which resources already exist
  • Allocate Task Leaders and Task Group Members composed of the staff members who will action the strategic deliverables in 2019-2020
  • Work with the Steering Committee to discuss and develop initiatives

Periodic updates

The Chairs for the Strategic Implementation will provide information of the deliverables accomplished at the end of each academic semester to the:

  • Steering Committee for Strategic Implementation, Senate, Council 
  • Wider University community of students and staff via direct communication from the Rector of the University of Malta



The Strategic Development Process for the University of Malta is organised by the team dedicated to Strategic Planning and Enterprise. We constantly seek feedback to improve and evolve our strategic planning process, whilst identifying opportunities to assist students and staff in meeting University's objectives.