Core and enabling strategies


The University of Malta embarked on a Strategic Planning Process to update its vision and mission for the forthcoming years. The Strategic Plan 2020-2025 presents a set of overall goals and a roadmap on how to achieve them. 

The development of the University of Malta's strategic vision focused on the interaction of core and enabling strategies, which are prevalent in the strategic direction of global higher education institutions.

Core strategies - education, research and outreach

The core strategies of the University of Malta address our educational and academic objectives. They provide a starting point in developing and evolving our vision and mission. 

The prevalent core strategies that are typically present in the plans of global higher education institutions are:

  1. Learning and Teaching
  2. Research and Knowledge Transfer
  3. Societal Factors and Impact 
  4. Enterprise and Industry Impact
  5. National Impact
  6. International Outlook 
  7. Sustainability

The core strategies of the University of Malta were derived through a strategic benchmarking exercise that took into consideration the best practices of leading educational institutions, international guidelines for higher education, national guidelines and legislation, quality guidelines at the international and national level and international ranking metrics. Each of the strategies listed above has further subsets of the core strategic themes which are subject to constant evolution and a continuous process of improvement. 

Enabling strategies - administrative

The enabling strategies of the University of Malta focus on the administrative support necessary to meet educational and academic objectives. The main areas of administrative support are represented by the administrative directorates on campus.











The Strategic Development Process for the University of Malta is organised by the team dedicated to Strategic Planning and Enterprise. We constantly seek feedback to improve and evolve our strategic planning process, whilst identifying opportunities to assist students and staff in meeting University's objectives.