The University of Malta embarked on a Strategic Planning Process to update its vision and mission for the forthcoming years. The Strategic Plan 2020-2025 presents a set of overall goals and a roadmap on how to achieve them.

The main themes of the core educational strategies of the University of Malta were derived through a comprehensive benchmarking exercise involving:

The guidelines and best practices referenced for this purpose are listed in the following sections. 

International guidelines for higher education

National guidelines for higher education

Quality guidelines at international and national level

International ranking metrics

The Strategic Planning Process includes among other factors the ranking metrics employed.

Higher education networks

The University of Malta embeds the good practices and guidelines of the following networks and organisations in its strategic direction:

University participation: 

National participation:




The Strategic Development Process for the University of Malta is organised by the team dedicated to Strategic Planning and Enterprise. We constantly seek feedback to improve and evolve our strategic planning process, whilst identifying opportunities to assist students and staff in meeting University's objectives.