Senate and council review

The University of Malta embarked on a Strategic Planning Process to update its vision and mission for the forthcoming years. The Strategic Plan 2020-2025 presents a set of overall goals and a roadmap on how to achieve them. 

The process of formalising the University of Malta’s Strategic Plan involved its review by the Senate and Council. The Senate is responsible for academic matters regulating studies, research, documentation, entry requirements and examinations. The Council is responsible for the governance and for resource allocation, including finance, human resources, capital projects, information technology, estates, legal services, and investments in library services and research support. The plan was approved by Senate on the 30 May 2019 and by Council on the 21 June 2019 plan.

Download the Strategic Plan 2020-2025 


The Strategic Development Process for the University of Malta is organised by the team dedicated to Strategic Planning and Enterprise. We constantly seek feedback to improve and evolve our strategic planning process, whilst identifying opportunities to assist students and staff in meeting University's objectives.