Vision, mission and values

Vision, mission and values

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Serving students, scholarship and society

The vision, mission and values of the University of Malta are reflected in the Strategic Plan 2020-2025 and are driven by our community’s desire to move forward and embrace new challenges. The University is committed to serving students, scholarship and society in a sustainable manner. 


The vision of the University of Malta is to be among the leading institutions in higher education, contributing to the development of our region, our country and society in general. We will continue our long tradition of developing the knowledge required to help Malta flourish as a small island nation and a member state of the wider international community.


Our mission is to serve the aspirations of the people of these islands through the provision of quality higher education in the arts, sciences, social sciences, the humanities and other areas of knowledge as required for Malta’s economic, social and cultural development through the scholarship of critical inquiry, discovery, research and service to the community. The University will deliver these functions in a sustainable manner that is responsive to this country’s present and emergent needs.


As a member of the European Higher Education Area and signatory of the Magna Charta Universitatum, we are committed to the values of academic freedom, institutional autonomy, good governance, accountability, equality and social responsibility.