Other actions

Carbon Footprint Reductions
Since 2010 the University has been investing in a programme for carbon footprint reduction through installation of PV systems, replacement of stand-alone ACs with efficient centralized VRF AC systems and replacement of lighting with LED light sources. These investments have resulted in an annual CO2 footprint reduction of 2,000 tons at installation.

The university has over the years installed a 1 MW-peak photovoltaic park at its Msida, Gozo campuses and at Junior College, utilising mainly high-efficiency PV panels with a high-density layout, maximising the available roof areas.

Over 12,500 fluorescent tubes and sodium and halogen floodlights were replaced in 2015 with 7,500 significantly more efficient LED counterparts.
VRF AC Systems
Over the past few years another significant investment carried out by UM concerns the replacement of stand-alone inefficient ACs in offices with centralised efficient variable refrigerant flow (VRF) systems with capillary control of environmental parameters such as minimum and maximum temperatures and timers via Ethernet. Considerable energy savings have been obtained with a corresponding annual savings in CO2 emissions.
Reduced water consumption
Water efficient taps and flushings
The use of water efficient taps and dual flush systems have now become the standard in new buildings and refurbishments. Over the past years UM has replaced various buildings with these systems such as Mikiel Anton Vassalli (Gateway), Dun Mikiel Xerri Lecture Centre, ICT Building and Student House. UM is committed to reducing water consumption by implementing these systems for the remaining buildings.