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The University of Malta has several student societies that are recognised by Senate. These societies are an integral part of University life: they represent students and provide services which enhance campus life. When students become involved in non-academic interests at University they develop a network of friends besides broadening their outlook to life.

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Association des Etats Généraux des Etudiants de l'Europe (AEGEE), an interdisciplinary European student association, promotes communication and integration among students and young graduates all over Europe. It is aimed at developing an open and tolerant society, assisted by an unmatched network of European contacts.

Association International des Etudiants de Science, Economie et Commerce (AIESEC) has a platform for the development of youth all around the world. Through its international exchange programmes, students are given the opportunity to work in any one of the 85 member countries, gaining what is undoubtedly, a life changing experience.

The primary aim of the Arts Student Association (ASA) is twofold: to create unity between arts' students and to act effectively as their representatives whilst also serving as a platform for expression for all those Institutes whose courses fall under the umbrella of the Faculty of Arts. ASA also promotes the relevance of the humanities and social sciences to contemporary debate.

Association of Student of Commercial Studies (ASCS) aims to serve as a catalyst to promote and enhance the student’s professional presence and image through awareness in society. ASCS strives to improve the standard of commercial education in Malta. It seeks to improve the status and welfare of students of commercial studies in Malta, at the place of study and the place of work.


BetaPsi (BPsi) represents Maltese psychology students. It aims to ensure that their rights and interests are safeguarded. It also endeavours to involve psychology students in its activities and works towards the enhancement of the psychology profession in Maltese society. Moreover, BetaPsi aims to provide the appropriate scenario of work and study opportunities for students who want to further their career in psychology.


Communication Association (Comm. A.) is a University-based student association for communications studies students which aims to enhance student networking. Comm. A. also strives to introduce various faculties to different facets of media and communications. It encourages participation among its members in all its activities and offers them help while studying at University and beyond.


The Department of English Students Association (DESA) at the University of Malta acts as a link between the student body and the Department of English, with the aim of generating an active cultural environment on campus from which students and members can benefit. DESA also helps facilitate the organisation of events and activities put forth by the Department itself.


Earth Systems Association (ESA)

Erasmus Student Network University of Malta (ESN (University of Malta))

The ELSA (The European Law Student Association) Malta was founded in 1986, and is recognised as a student organisation by the Senate of the University of Malta. The Assocations's main objective is the representation of all law students in the University of Malta. ELSA Malta forms part of the world’s largest independent law students’ association, and is part of an international network of more than 200 law faculties in 35 countries all over Europe, with membership in excess of 30,000 students and young lawyers. The ultimate purpose of ELSA is to contribute to legal education and to promote social responsibility of law students and young lawyers, by assisting law students and young lawyers to be internationally minded and professionally skilled.

European Studies Organisation (ESO)



The Għaqda tal-Malti - Università was founded in 1931 by Rużar Briffa and Ġużè Bonnici and works towards the appreciation and prestige of the Maltese language and culture on campus and beyond.

The Għaqda Studenti tal-Kriminoloġija (GħSK) is currently made up of all the students reading for the degree in criminology. The aims of the association are mainly to raise awareness of criminological issues in Malta and to improve the status and welfare of the member students.

The Għaqda Studenti tal-Liġi (GħSL) is a reference point in any Maltese law student’s life. Besides its natural role as a student representative body, with its tireless efforts to defend law students' rights and interests both at University and on a nationwide level, the Society contributes in no mean way to the developments in the Maltese legal circle.

The Għaqda Studenti tat-Teoloġija (GħST) is a faculty-based student senate-recognised organisation. It is an autonomous organisation whose members profess Christian principles. All students reading theology at the University of Malta are automatically members of this association, and are all eligible to vote for the executive committee members.

Green House

The Grupp Universitarji Għawdxin (GUG) was founded in December 1987 on the initiative of a number of Gozitan students. GUG aims to promote the religious, cultural and social identity of its members while increasing an awareness of the diverse aspects of Gozitan life.


History of Arts Students Association (HOASA)


The International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience (IAESTE) is a dynamic international non-governmental organisation that coordinates the exchange of university students for work experience across a broad network of over 80 countries. IAESTE Malta prides itself in offering the largest technical student exchange programme in Malta with around 100 students benefiting from this opportunity.

Institution of Civil Engineers Student Chapter (ICE Student Chapter)

Independent Collective Realtà (ICR)

The Information Communication Technology Students' Association (ICTSA), formerly known as ITSA, strives to represent all University students reading any degree in some way associated with information and communication technology. The good relationship that exists between the Faculty and ICTSA helps to bridge the gap between students and staff. The Association is often the first point of contact for students who have issues they wish to raise with the Faculty. While ICTSA is primarily oriented towards students seeking careers in ICT, it organises events for the University student body at large.

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (IEEE)

(INSITE) is a student run, non-profit making, independent media organisation, whose intrinsic purpose is to promote student life and to provide student bodies with a means with which to be heard and promote their initiatives and activities.


Young European Federalists (JEF) is a supranational, political, pluralistic non-governmental youth organisation. It is independent of all political parties. JEF works to promote the European integration process and a European identity amongst young people from across Europe through international activities and youth exchanges, publications, public actions and co-operation with other youth organisations.


The Kunsill Studenti Universitarji (KSU) represents students in all political, educational and cultural matters both on a national and international level. It also aims to promote Maltese students’ talents through activities and by offering various opportunities and services.


The Malta Association for Dental Students (MADS) promotes the study of dentistry in Malta through representing, protecting and furthering the interests of dental students. MADS also promotes student exchanges, plays an active role in dental education and public health promotion and organises social, sporting, educational and cultural activities.

Malta Health Students’ Association (MHSA)

Malta International Relations Students Society (MIRSA)

The Malta Medical Students Association (MMSA) represents all medical students at the University of Malta since 1951. MMSA aims to enhance the medical student life through promoting active participation in the academic system, international exchanges and training in various fields of the public health sector. It also aims at empowering society to become functionally involved in holistic health decision making.

Move Studenti is an autonomous organisation which forms part of a global movement that has been striving for a better world in which people are not discriminated against on the basis of social status, gender, class and race. It believes in a just world free from wars, a culture which promotes tolerance, an economy based on the needs of society and fair trade.

Moviment Graffitti is a movement which highlights issues through direct action. It is active against all kinds of oppression and exploitation of people, the environment and animals, with a vision of freedom and radical democracy.

Moviment Kattoliku Studenti Universitarji (MKSU) promotes Christian values on Campus and takes initiatives in social commitment. The members of the movement are students from various disciplines who believe that Christianity encourages an active lifestyle. People of all creeds and faith are welcome within MKSU.

The Malta Pharmaceutical Students Association (MPSA) aims to further the interests of pharmacy students in Malta while promoting student participation at University. MPSA develops the interests and opinions of pharmacy students and encourages contact and cooperation between them. It also aims to increase the awareness of Maltese pharmacy students about worldwide mobility and establish and maintain contacts abroad through foreign organisations.

The Malta University Film Club (MUFC) was set up in 1969. MUFC aims at promoting student interest in the art of cinematography by providing films of high quality to its audience.

Malta University Historical Society (MUHS)

The Malta University Sports Club (MUSC) aims at combining academic activity with physical activity in the life of the students and regularly organises individual and team competitions in a number of different sporting activities. These include soccer, table tennis, snooker, athletics and basketball. Other activities such as volleyball, hockey, judo, darts, tablesoccer, tennis, windsurfing and rock climbing have also found their way into the MUSC calendar in recent years.

The Malta University Student Teachers (MUST) (formerly USTA) represents B.Ed.(Hons) students in the Faculty of Education. The association is the link between students and the Faculty and therefore encourages participation in discussions and debate on issues related to how education is catered for in Malta. As an organisation, it also strives to make life on campus a memorable experience for its members.


Organizzazzjoni Studenti Qwiebel (OSQ)


Pulse is a University-based student organisation which serves as a support group for students both in post-secondary and tertiary institutions. PULSE is active in policy planning on behalf of students, a leader in student services and as a student representative on Faculty Boards and students’ councils.


Science Students' Society (S3), better known as 'S-cubed' was formed in March 2003. The idea was to promote unity amongst students, cross borders between different science fields and to develop opportunities for students to further their studies and find appropriate jobs in their respective fields.

The Society of Architecture and Civil Engineering Students (SACES) is a faculty-based society for architecture students and is affiliated to the European Architecture Students' Association (EASA). Various activities are organised throughout the year. Of particular note is Designs, the annual exhibition of architecture students' work.

The Studenti Demokristjani Maltin (SDM) is concerned with protecting the rights of Maltese students, has its own political manifesto and also publishes a number of studies and surveys on current affairs aimed at enhancing student participation in the political arena and society in general.

Students for Healthy Living (SFHL) represents a group of trained University students. It aims to raise awareness about physical and mental health and wellbeing amongst University students through peer education. Moreover SFHL aims to encourage University students to take active steps to promote their physical and mental health and wellbeing through peer education for the creation of a healthy University campus. SFHL is supported by the Centre for Resilience and Socio-Emotional Health.

Studenti Harsien Socjali (SĦS) is the student organisation that represents both the social policy and social work students. Its primary objective is to ensure the rights of its members by providing a voice to the students and serves as a bridge between Social Work and Social Policy students, the staff, the Faculty for Social Wellbeing and the outer social world. Moreover SHS is interested in enhancing both the Social Work and Social Policy professions and empowering individuals in society. SHS aims to organise activities throughout the year while encouraging students to be actively involved in the students’ life and in campaigns related to social work and social policy, in order to instil and evolve the ideal character equipped with extra curricular skills which will form the best possible team in the social field.

Social Science Students' Integrative, Educational and Research Association (SIERA)

Students Philosophical Society

Students Sociology Association (SSA)
was set up with the aim to promote the discipline of sociology to the wider public and to help current students and alumni at the University of Malta with their studies and careers. SSA organises yearly events to facilitate such aims and to also create  a space where students could engage in a sociological manner.


Terra di Mezzo Malta (TDM 2000 Malta)

The Third Eye


The University Bible Group supports students both spiritually and emotionally so as to get to know Jesus better through the Bible. 

Università tat-Terza Età (U3E)

The University Engineering Student Association (UESA) is a non-political student organisation which is directed towards students who are enrolled at the Faculty of Engineering. UESA's main aim is to help the engineering students familiarise and accustom themselves with University life, offer help for various needs and also provide both local and foreign working traineeships.

University of Malta Debating Society (UMDS)

The University of Malta Geographical Society (UMGS) is a student organisation which aims to promote the relevance of geography. The Society organises academic and social events and provides academic support to improve geographical research. UMGS aims is to develop awareness about the importance of geography and about the latest research in this area of study.

University of Malta Racing (UoMR) is a team of cross discipline University students who design, build and race a formula-style racing car in Formula SAE events around Europe. Through the work of the team, complex simulation techniques, comprehensive auditing, marketing campaigns and good old workshop toils all come together. 

University of Malta Rowing Club (UoM Rowing)
The University of Malta Rowing Club was established in late 2015. Training by the Club mainly consists in rowing on ergonometers; in the near future it is envisaged that the Club will acquire boats so as to be able to take the training further and hence training will be held on water. The Club is open to students, staff and alumni.

University of Malta Students' Futsal Team

University Students of Performing Arts (USPA)


We Are – The University of Malta LGBTQQI Organisation (We Are) was set up in 2010 to represent lesbian, gay, bi and trans youth and students. The organisation provides social activities for its members, engages in raising awareness on topics related to gender and sexuality, takes part in campaigns of interest and allows members to engage further through its workshops, youth exchanges, seminars, and creative projects.


Youth for the Environment (Y4TE), formerly known as ŻGħAU Żgħażagħ Għall-Ambjent Università, is an organisation consisting of University students as well as non-students who strive to promote environmental awareness, efficiency, and overall contribution to sustainability in society. Environmental, cultural, and social sustainability are Y4TE's main focal points. Through interactive campaigns and activities the organisation tries to reach out to youths, as well as members of the general public, to take an active role.

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