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Located in the heart of the Mediterranean, the uniqueness of our University is based on its thriving culture.

UM is a vibrant community that aims to serve the aspirations of the people of these Islands through locally and globally significant research and the provision of higher education. This goes in tandem with what is required for Malta’s economic, social and cultural development and is brought about through the scholarship of discovery, teaching and service to the community.

Although UM met the traditional definition of a university in 1769, it was first established as the Collegium Melitense by the Jesuits in 1592. Today UM has 48,400 (living) alumni. Approximately 1,800 academic members of staff, 1,000 support staff, and 11,500 students are part of this community.

Get to know how you can join us at UM, a place to study and work together, where we embrace diversity, build bridges and develop lifelong friendships.