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The Academic Programmes Quality and Resources Unit (APQRU), which was established in 2007, functions as the administrative arm of the Programme Validation Committee (PVC).  The role of APQRU is to provide administrative support to academic staff in the planning stages of new and updated programmes of study in order to ensure that the processes set up to ensure quality outcomes are followed.  APQRU also facilitates the provision of advice in connection with physical resources and other costs associated with academic programmes. 

Mission Statement of APQRU

APQRU is dedicated to the facilitation of quality assurance and improvement activities intended to promote a culture of commitment to excellence in the provision of academic services.  Our mission is driven by the ultimate aim of supporting teaching and learning and of ensuring that the education provided to our students is of the highest standards. 

Functions and Responsibilities of APQRU

  • To assist the PVC in the validation of new programmes and study-units
  • To provide on-site and off-site assistance to faculties, departments, institutes, and centres with regard to validation procedures
  • To assist the PVC in its role of providing quality assurance and improvement mechanisms, and of ensuring that academic programmes on offer at the University of Malta are of the appropriate academic standard
  • To develop and review quality and enhancement procedures
  • To track the implementation of recommendations arising from review processes
  • To analyse the outcomes of review processes at an institutional level
  • To disseminate good practice arising from review processes
  • To ensure that the student experience and enhancement of that experience is a paramount priority at the University of Malta
  • To develop and implement policy which enables the University to assure itself of the quality and standards of programmes on offer
  • To assist the PVC in its role of ensuring optimal use of available resources
  • To help the University prepare for external scrutiny and review

Study-unit Feedback Report

A presentation on the study-unit feedback exercise for Academic Year 2015/16 & 2016/17 has been uploaded to our website.
End of Programme Survey Presentation

A presentation on the End of Programme Survey for Academic Years 2013/14 to 2016/17 has been uploaded on our website.

Last Updated: 2 October 2008

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