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All primary and secondary school students visiting Argotti Botanic Gardens will be eligible to participate in a competition according to their age and some of the works will be exhibited at a future date at the Argotti Science week in May. All entries should be submitted by post or by email where applicable, either directly to Argotti or to the student’s respective school clearly indicating on his/her project his/her name and the respective school and class. Deadline for submission will be announced later on.

Category I - Primary Students Years 1-3

Draw a colourful poster (A4 or A3 size) on the following theme:
                                    The flying seed / Iż-Żerriegħa li ttir

Category II- Primary Students Years 4-6

Write a 100-150 word composition in English or Maltese with the following title:
                    The seed that became ...
                     Iż-żerriegħa li saret

Category III - Secondary Students Forms 1-2 (Years 7-8)

Sow some seeds and record their growth and do a report as follows:

On an A4 sheet you should present a photo of the seeds sown. Write scientific name, and the common name of the plant from which the seeds were taken.  Record the date when you sow and the date when the seeds start to germinate. Take a photo when the seeds germinated and 1 week, 2 weeks, 3 weeks and 4 weeks after. Write a short description (not more than 100 words) how the seeds grew throughout these 4 weeks.

Category IV - Secondary Students Forms 3-5 (Years 9-11)

You have been selected to come up with a plan to collect seeds  of indigenous plants for the Argotti Seed Bank. Choose 5 plants and explain why you chose these. Your next task is to decide how are you going to collect the seeds and what precautions are you going to take when you are collecting the seeds.

Your report should include a section Plant selection where you should present your selection and reasons why you chose these plants. Procedure where you will present how you intend to obtain the seeds and any precautions followed such as collecting only some of the seeds not all as otherwise you would be harming the wild population. Remember there is more than one good method how to collect seeds but you must take precautions. Feel free to discuss with your teachers for some guidance. The report should be between 2-3 pages. The report can be presented individually or as a group of two students.


Prizes will be awarded in each category depending on the number of participants. The school with the greatest number of entries in each category will also be awarded for the effort with 2 indigenous trees and 3 indigenous plants to be used within the school premises.
Argotti Surplus Plants Sale

We are having a plant sale of various surplus plants at Argotti. Please find a booklet here with the plants we have on sale. One can order
by email and we shall prepare it for collection.

More information can be found on our facebook page

Last Updated: 8 May 2019

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