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All primary and secondary school students visiting Argotti Botanic Gardens will be eligible to participate in a competition according to their age. All entries should be submitted by post or by email where applicable, either directly to Argotti or to the student’s respective school clearly indicating on his/her project his/her name and the respective school and class. Deadline for submission is noon on Friday 12th May.

Category I - Primary Students Years 1-3

Draw a colourful poster (A4 or A3 size) on the following theme:
                                    The red flower in the garden / Il-fjura l-ħamra fil-ġnien

Category II- Primary Students Years 4-6

Write a 100-150 word composition in English or Maltese with the following title:
                    Plants make me see, smell and taste. Write with examples, how?
                    Il-pjanti iħajruni nara, inxomm u nduq. Uża eżempji biex turi kif?

Category III - Secondary Students Forms 1-2

Choose an aromatic plant that is found in Malta, either indigenous, endemic or alien and do a plant profile. How?
On an A4 sheet you should present a photo of the plant taken by you, the scientific name and the common name of the plant (even in Maltese if available) and a short description, about 100 words, saying where is this plant found and something interesting about it such as what it does to survive Summer or why does it have large or small leaves.

Category IV - Secondary Students Forms 3-5

You have been selected to come up with a plan to solve the problem of waste in Malta. Your task is to come up with an idea of how anyone can collect the organic waste at home and convert it into useful compost at home.
Your report should include a short introduction on the waste problem, the idea you are suggesting in the idea section and a conclusion section on why you think this idea will work and have the desired results. The report should be between 2-3 pages.


Prizes will be awarded in each category depending on the number of participants. The school with the greatest number of entries in each category will also be awarded for the effort with 2 indigenous trees and 3 indigenous plants to be used within the school premises.
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