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Friends of Argotti

The purpose of the Friends of Argotti would be to support the work and operations of the Argotti Botanic Gardens.  It can provide members with an opportunity to learn new skills, as well as expand their appreciation of the role and history of the garden whilst bringing to us their skills and experiences.   There will be an office available at the Argotti Botanic Gardens for the Friends of Argotti to use as a base.

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Argotti Mailing List

From time to time we organise different events, being a plant sale, an open day or a guided tour of the gardens or even in the wild. Register your details here so next time there is an activity you're the first to know.


Periodically we are asked by companies to organise a day's volunteer work for their staff. In the past this has been done on several occasions with different companies as part of their corporate responsibility.

Companies wishing to organise volunteer groups at Argotti Botanic Gardens & Resource Centre, may contact us for more details.


Internships are offered at Argotti to local and foreign students wishing to enhance their knowledge of gardens and flora. Interns may join as volunteers or as part of their academic studies. Kindly contact us for further details.

Last Updated: 7 April 2017

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