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Friends of Argotti & Volunteers

To register with the Argotti Botanic Gardens & Resource Centre, please fill in the Registration Form.

The suggested activities for volunteers range from hands on gardening, through to maintaining databases, creation of community outreach platforms, such as a webpage to promote to the wider public what is happening at the gardens, leading tours of the gardens, learning to create herbarium specimens, and plant propagation.

The following is a detailed list about the activities:

A. Propagation activities

  • Seed collection
  • Seed drying and cleaning
  • Seed bank (seed store)
  • Seed Germination
  • Plant Propagation by different methods
  • Pricking off and Repotting

B. Herbarium

  • Herbarium specimen preparation (drying)
  • Herbarium specimen mounting
  • Herbarium specimen catalogue

C. Database and Website

  • Seed catalogue
  • Accession catalogue & database maintenance
  • Label generation
  • Website establishment and maintenance
  • Follow-up on website and Facebook page articles or statements

D. Activities and Community Outreach

  • Activity organisers - helpers (eg. during a plant sale)
  • Special events (thematic) organiser
  • Open day helpers
  • Public relations and office help
  • Tours for children, secondary schools' students and adults
  • Resources preparation for visits

E. Work in the Garden

  • Living special collections maintenance (eg. Australian collection, succulents, etc.)
  • Border plants and displays
  • Garden upkeep - weeding and other hands on
  • Garden maintenance work (painting, various)

F. Be a coordinator of the volunteers

G. Planning committee member

H. Photography

I.  Flower arrangement





Argotti Surplus Plants Sale

We are having a plant sale of various surplus plants at Argotti. Please find a booklet here with the plants we have on sale. One can order
by email and we shall prepare it for collection.

More information can be found on our facebook page

Last Updated: 7 April 2017

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