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Friends of Argotti & Volunteers

To register with the Argotti Botanic Gardens & Resource Centre, please fill in the Registration Form.

The suggested activities for volunteers range from hands on gardening, through to maintaining databases, creation of community outreach platforms, such as a webpage to promote to the wider public what is happening at the gardens, leading tours of the gardens, learning to create herbarium specimens, and plant propagation.

The following is a detailed list about the activities:

A. Propagation activities

  • Seed collection
  • Seed drying and cleaning
  • Seed bank (seed store)
  • Seed Germination
  • Plant Propagation by different methods
  • Pricking off and Repotting

B. Herbarium

  • Herbarium specimen preparation (drying)
  • Herbarium specimen mounting
  • Herbarium specimen catalogue

C. Database and Website

  • Seed catalogue
  • Accession catalogue & database maintenance
  • Label generation
  • Website establishment and maintenance
  • Follow-up on website and Facebook page articles or statements

D. Activities and Community Outreach

  • Activity organisers - helpers (eg. during a plant sale)
  • Special events (thematic) organiser
  • Open day helpers
  • Public relations and office help
  • Tours for children, secondary schools' students and adults
  • Resources preparation for visits

E. Work in the Garden

  • Living special collections maintenance (eg. Australian collection, succulents, etc.)
  • Border plants and displays
  • Garden upkeep - weeding and other hands on
  • Garden maintenance work (painting, various)

F. Be a coordinator of the volunteers

G. Planning committee member

H. Photography

I.  Flower arrangement





Last Updated: 7 April 2017

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