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Having spent my childhood travelling between France and Congo I was inevitably exposed to a multitude of cultural differences and how these differences had resounding implications on societies. Rather than seeking the exotic I was drawn to the mundane everyday domestic life, particularly the life that revolved around the kitchen and the endemic dialectic that confronts tradition and modernity. This early interest would see me return to equatorial Africa (Cameroon) to complete my first degree in anthropology. I continued to question the very nature of tradition through food culture, a topic which was to be my doctorate thesis (University of Provence) on National Identity and food culture on the Maltese Islands where I pointed out how traditions can be used 
to substantiate nationalistic discourses. 

Following the obtention of my PhD. I have broadened my research topics and looked at the evolution of public spaces in Malta and the role of objects and images in the construction of the migrant figure today. My work is increasingly engaged in interdisciplinary research between artistic practices and anthropological analysis.
Anthroplogy Study-Exchanges in the EU
The Department of Anthropological Sciences has a number of active Erasmus links to various Anthropology Departments in the EU (see list below).  This results in a two-way exchange. We have hosted students from various universities who normally spend one term/semester with us. This enhances student-learning experiences.  University of Malta students of Anthropology can also take advantage of these exchange links to pursue their studies abroad.
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