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Dr. Jean-Paul Baldacchino is a Senior Lecturer with the Department of Anthropological Sciences. He graduated in Anthropology from the University of Malta summa cum laude with a thesis on the politics of identity on Native American Reservation. He studied Mandarin at Tsinghua University in Beijing and Korean at Yonsei University in Seoul. In 2007 he completed his Ph.D at La Trobe University, Australia, researching the role of romantic love and guilt in the experiences of urban Korean youth. He has been a visiting researcher at Seoul National University’s Institute for Cross Cultural Research, and a Research Fellow at Victoria University, Australia. While in Australia, he has been conducting research on secularism, popular belief and ethnicity. He has also undertaken research on popular religion and the cult of saints in Malta (The veneration of Dun Gorg Preca), Melbourne (the festa among the Maltese community) and San Giovanni Rotondo, Italy. Dr. Baldacchino has conducted fieldwork in Port Madison Reservation (U.S.), Seoul (S.Korea), Melbourne (Australia), San Giovanni Rotondo (Italy) and Malta. His latest projects include research into social dancing (Argentine Tango) and popular music and hybridity in the Mediterranean. He has been a visiting lecture in Pukyong National University and the Busan University of foreign Studies.


Dr. Baldacchino has also undertaken studies and clinical training in Lacanian psychoanalysis leading to a Masters in Psychoanalysis. He is currently a registered Analyst-In-Training with the Australian Centre for Psychoanalysis.

He has published articles on the anthropology of emotions, embodiment, psychoanalysis, social theory, popular culture and religion. He is a Fellow of the Australian Anthropology Society and a member of the editorial board of The Australian Journal of Anthropology and the Editor of the Journal of Mediterranean Studies (ISSN 1016-3476). 

For an updated list of publications see his Google Scholar Profile here.

For his Researchgate profile click here

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