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John Micallef obtained a B.A. (Hons.) degree from the University of Malta with a thesis on the workings of stigma and power among institutionalised men with learning difficulties.  In reading for an M.A. at the University of Malta, he proceeded to conduct extensive fieldwork among two Maltese youth groups presenting contrasting social geographies, patterns of style and identity, and orientations towards supernatural forces of good and evil.  John sought to reveal how these defining characteristics of the two youth groups were influenced by the rapid socio-economic shifts accompanying Malta’s accession into the European Union, thus revisiting the link between modernity and shifts towards cultural homogeneity in contemporary society.  John has also spent a number of months at the University of Sussex researching this topic under the guidance of Dr. Jon Mitchell.


Publication List

2013, 'Invoking the Rational in Acknowledging the Irrational:  A Haunting in Malta' Paranthropology 4(4) Available online

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