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Much of my work over the past years has concentrated on policy (e.g. serving, between 2006-2012, as member of the European Commission’s Member States Expert Group on Maritime Policy, and, between 2009-2012, as member of the Working Group for an Integrated Maritime Policy in the Mediterranean). I have recently returned to full-time academic work after a three-year spell as a director at the European Commission-League of Arab States Liaison Office, where I am still an advisor. My current research projects include: identity and memory in the western Libyan interior, especially in the wake of the revolution of 2011; Malta’s Libya policy since 1964; and the prospects and institutional implications of scenario analysis in Euro-Arab relations.


  • The Debate's Impact on Europe, in Arvanitopoulos, Constantine (ed.), Turkey's Accession to the European Union: An Unusual Candidacy (Springer, 2009);

  • 'Culture and the Sea,' in Martinez Gutierrez, Norman A. (ed.), Serving the Rule of International Law: Essays in Honour of Professor David Joseph Attard, First Volume (Mare Nostrum Publications, 2009);

  • 'John Paul II's Nationalism,' in Schiavone, Michael J. (ed.) Inservi: Gabriet ta' Kitba f'Gieh Eddie Fenech Adami (PIN Publications, 2009).

    My recent contributions to conferences include:

  • 'Maltese Ghana and Cultural Translation,' (8th Meeting of the Study Group for 'Anthropology of Music in Mediterranean Cultures' (July, 2010);

  • 'Arvid Pardo, Time and Ocean-Space,' Arvid Pardo Memorial Lecture, Pacem in Maribus XXXIII, Beijing (September 2010);

  • 'Culture and Security in the Mediterranean,' and OSCE 2010 Mediterranean Conference on the Future of European Security (forthcoming, October 2010).
Anthroplogy Study-Exchanges in the EU
The Department of Anthropological Sciences has a number of active Erasmus links to various Anthropology Departments in the EU (see list below).  This results in a two-way exchange. We have hosted students from various universities who normally spend one term/semester with us. This enhances student-learning experiences.  University of Malta students of Anthropology can also take advantage of these exchange links to pursue their studies abroad.
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