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‘it's technology married with liberal arts, married with the humanities,
that yields us the result that makes our heart sing’ - Steve Jobs


In choosing a course and definite areas of study a student should be guided by his or her personal inclinations, fields of excellence, and aspirations for a future career. Traditionally Faculty of Arts graduates tended towards the teaching profession or the public service. That continues to be the case for a number of graduates but with the expansion and diversification of the economy career options have widened considerably. In some respects the fact that a B.A. or B.A. (honours) degree is not tied down to a specific profession or occupation makes the Arts graduate more flexible and adaptable to the needs of an ever evolving labour market, where creativity, versatility, structured thinking and a capacity for acquiring new knowledge and skills are in high demand. Our graduates may be found working in careers as varied as broadcasting, journalism, librarianship, diplomacy, curatorship, public relations, advertising, heritage, tourism, personnel management, insurance, script writing, translation, interpreting, EU-related positions, and much more. Many meanwhile go on to read for higher degrees in Malta and overseas.

To engage with a subject, to read good books, to write creatively and convincingly, to think critically, and generally to handle knowledge, are privileges and passions. The good news is that they also make one eminently employable. It comes as no surprise that Arts graduates consistently report some of the highest rates of long-term job satisfaction.

While the B.A./B.A. (honours) degree on its own provides a key to a variety of career options, it is also an excellent foundation for those wishing to pursue further studies. As university education increasingly becomes a requisite for entry into most careers, growing numbers of graduates choose to follow postgraduate courses, immediately or at an eventual stage, either to expand and deepen their knowledge of their subject area or to undertake more specific career-related M.A. programmes offered by the Faculty of Arts and others. The latter, referred to sometimes as ‘conversion masters’, are often open to graduates from any area of study and channel graduates to a variety of careers, ranging from teaching to heritage management, to diplomacy, translation, social work, business management, design and many other specializations. First degrees in the Arts have a well-deserved reputation as door-openers.

In consideration of its responsibility for the welfare of its students, of which graduate employability is a priority, the Faculty of Arts in 2012-2013 commissioned and published a tracer study to find out more about the employment status of its graduates over the previous decade. The study showed that there was practically full employment among Faculty of Arts graduates, and that in most cases the jobs they held matched their career expectations, with most graduates settling well within their working environment. For more information and to download the tracer study follow this link:




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Student Representatives on the Board of Studies

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