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Graduate students who have obtained their Masters in English are invited to join the Association for the Study of English in Malta, which is affiliated to the European Association for the Study of English. A fee of 9 euros per year entitles members to the newsletter The European English Messenger, issued twice a year.

The aim of the Society is to advance the education of the public by promoting the European study and understanding of English languages, literatures in English and cultures of English-speaking peoples. The Society endeavours:

•  To arrange regular conferences for those researching and teaching English languages, literatures in English and cultures of English-speaking peoples in Europe. Nine have been held, ESSE-1 in Norwich, 1991, ESSE-2 in Bordeaux, 1993, ESSE-3 in Glasgow, 1995, ESSE-4 in Debrecen, 1997, ESSE-5 in Helsinki, 2000, ESSE-6 in Strasbourg, 2002, ESSE-7 in Zaragoza, 2004,  ESSE-8 in London, 2006, ESSE-9,  and in Aarhus, Denmark, from 22 August to 26 August, 2008.

•  To foster research-networks in specialist topics which will bring together higher education teachers, scholars and writers and facilitate intellectual cooperation. A scholarly journal, the European Journal of English Studies (EJES), is published in cooperation with Routledge.

•  To provide an information network, in the form of a newsletter (The Messenger), about matters related to English studies in Europe, such as curriculum developments, national conferences, specialised research projects.

•  To provide information which will facilitate faculty and student exchanges under international cooperation programmes, especially those of the European Union.
ESSE offers a bursary scheme to help support young academics.

ESSE also awards prizes for books about English studies. The first ESSE Book Prizes were awarded on 2nd September 2006 in London.


President: Prof Peter Vassallo
Secretary: Dr Stella Borg Barthet (Contact)

ESSE Malta
The European Association for the Study of English in Malta - what is it and who is eligible to join?
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