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The Department of English at the University of Malta has been awarded Erasmus+ funding in order to host an intensive programme called Mediterranean Imaginaries: Literature, Arts, Culture. This builds on the successful foundations laid by the Writing the Mediterranean programme that the Department hosted in 2013 and 2014, and for which it was also awarded funding.

Set to take place in 2017 and 2018, Mediterranean Imaginaries will bring together academics and students from seven different universities, namely: Goldsmiths (UK), Nova Gorica (Slovenia), Minho (Portugal), Cagliari (Italy), Florence (Italy), Carthage (Tunisia), and Malta. It includes two intensive spring schools to be hosted in Malta, two postgraduate symposia to be hosted in Malta and London, and a number of events and publications such as lectures, seminars, poster sessions, workshops, and special issue journals, which will be held in all the partner countries. These activities will maximise the impact and reach of the ideas and scholarship generated by Mediterranean Imaginaries, to the benefit of academics and students working in, on, and around the Mediterranean.

Participants will explore and study Mediterranean literature, film, and a large array of texts from different periods engaging with the cultural encounters, clashes, and exchanges of the region. They will study how these, in turn, affect national and regional literatures through a research network that operates at transnational level, sharing and confronting ideas, practices, and study methods.

The programme will foreground and explore openness and hospitality in relation to those experiencing political strife. It aims to develop receptivity and understanding of different cultures, both in the participants who are directly involved, as well as in the wider communities in which they live and work.

Every year the Department of English offers hundreds of students a stimulating and wide-ranging academic experience at both undergraduate and postgraduate level. Offering specialisation in diverse areas such as literary theory, contemporary literature, comparative literature, cultural studies, romanticism, modernism, postcolonial studies, posthumanism, the post-literary, and linguistics, the Department is committed to a standard of excellence in teaching and research.

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 Participants at the Writing the Mediterranean Programme (2014)



Prof. Stella Borg Barthet (Department of English, University of Malta) was successfully awarded funding for Mediterranean Imaginaries to be held in 2017 and 2018


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