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Professor Maria Attard's main areas of interest are Transport Geography and Applications of Geographic Information Systems. She drafted the first ever white paper for land transport policy in Malta in 2004 and subsequently went on to implement a number of measures including Park and Ride and the Controlled Vehicular Access System in Valletta. All projects which she has then published about in academic journals. She also participated in a number of european projects about transport policy and data collection. Since 1997 she has been coordinating the academic programmes for GIS in the University. In 2008 she was awarded the ESRI International Educator Award for teaching GIS and has published in this area as well. Her research interests revolve around the deployment of GIS and how this is applied in policy making and strategy. In 2009 she was appointed Director of the Institute for Sustainable Development at the University of Malta where her skills at interdisciplinarity and deployment of GIS will be further applied. She has represented the University and Malta on a number of local boards and committees. At the international level she co-chairs Cluster 2 on Transport and Environment of NECTAR and is a member of the Steering Committee of the World Conference on Transport Research and Society (WCTRS) and co-chairs the Special Interest Group on Transport Planning and Policy. She represents Malta and contributes in a number of COST Actions and European level projects.





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Newspaper Articles


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Web Articles


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Book Series: Transport and Sustainability
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