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The M.A. Course in Hospitaller Studies is a taught course, spread over six semesters. The first four semesters are taken up by the taught part of the course. The last two semesters are dedicated entirely to the dissertation. The purpose of the course is to study in detail the history of the Hospitaller Order of St John. The charitable and military functions of the Hospitallers – care for the sick and the poor and the defence of the Holy Lands – and the way these developed down the ages, have generally absorbed historians’ whole attention. This is perhaps understandable, for through his charitable and military activities, the Knight Hospitaller had fulfilled a ‘great civilizing and defensive function … in the development of Europe’. But there was yet another very significant role which researchers have often neglected: that is the Order’s great social and economic role. Away from the battlefield, outside the precincts of the hospital, and away from the remote Convent (or headquarters) on Jerusalem or Acre, Rhodes or Malta, the Hospitaller for over seven hundred years resided on one of his Order’s several European commanderies. In the long-term historical perspective, the intelligent administration of these massive estates constituted an unwittingly formative influence, a powerful force of continuity, and a constructive force in European civilization. The present course intends to study all these major phases of the Order of the Hospital as the latter gradually evolved within the wider framework of the historical development of Europe and the Mediterranean.

The course is taught by leading international historians/researchers, both visiting and local. The co-ordinator is Dr Emanuel Buttigieg.


Please refer to the General Regulations for University Postgraduate Awards, 2008.

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