Notes to Contributors

To be considered for publication in Journal of Maltese History, manuscripts are to meet the following criteria:

Papers should be written in a concise and clear fashion, intended to further the study of Maltese history as set down in the Presentation, keeping in mind an international readership.


All works submitted for publication automatically vest copyright to the editorial board of the JMH and the Department of History, University of Malta. Authors are fully responsible for obtaining permission to reproduce copyright material in their articles from the proper sources.


Papers and reviews submitted for publication in JMH should not have been published before in any other way and are not under consideration for publication in any other journal or as chapters in books at the time of submission.

Peer reviewing:

The JMH is a fully peer-reviewed academic journal.

All papers will be submitted out for peer reviewing done by two or three anonymous independent scholars and will benefit from a critical overview by the editors.

For this reason, no information which can reveal the identity of the author is to appear in the manuscript.

The Editor will make every possible effort to provide a rapid response to submitted manuscripts.

Word limit:

Full-length papers should not exceed 8,000 words inclusive of footnotes.

Articles presented as Research Notes are not to exceed 1,500 words.

Book reviews must be short, critical in a constructive way, and provide a summary of the work under scrutiny. Reviews should not exceed 1,000 words and are to be sent to the Editor.

Manuscript format and submission:

Manuscripts should be submitted in double-line spacing, typed on Word for Windows@ and send to the Editor for peer reviewing. Double spacing is to be used throughout with right and left margins 3.5 cm each. Fond: 12-point Times New Roman.

Articles are to be submitted both in electronic form and as hard copy, including all illustrative material.

Cover page:

Authors are to provide their full names, email, affiliation address and telephone number on a separate page.

An abstract of not more than 150 words should proceed the manuscript on a separate sheet of paper. A list of up to six key words, suitable for indexing and abstracting, should follow the abstract.

A brief biographical note about the author – not exceeding three lines - should be supplied.

Language and Style format: The language used in this journal is English. Contributors are to follow the new edition of the Oxford English Dictionary. Maltese and foreign words should be italicised.

Paragraphs are to be indented. Single quotation marks should be used for quotations.

Illustrations and Tables: Tables, illustrations, photographs and diagrams should have a caption. Sources of information should be put below the table or figure. Each of these must be submitted on separate sheets, titled and numbered in one series in order of mention in text. All illustrative material should be of high quality and ready for reproduction.

Citations and References: Footnotes are to be used throughout. References to footnotes should be indicated by a super-script and consecutively numbered.

Authors should follow these examples:


James, Scott, Weapons of the Weak: Everyday Forms of Peasant Resistance, New Haven, 1985, 33-45.

Papers in Journal:

Craig, Spence, “Accidentally killed by a cart: workplace, hazard and risk in late seventeenth century London”, European Review of History, vol.3, no.1, Spring 1996, 9-26.

Papers in edited book:

Buzard, James, “The Grand Tour and after (1660-1840)”, in The Cambridge Companion to Travel Writing, ed. P. Hulme and T.Young, Cambridge, 2002, 37-52.

Repeated references in text should give author’s surname and pagination (Scott, 33-34). Authors with more than one publication already referred to in the text are to have surname, date of publication and pagination included (Buzard, 2002, 37).

Internet sources:

Irish Times. “The Northern Ireland Peace Agreement”. Available at agreement.html (updated 10 April, 2003). If update is not available, record the date it was downloaded: (downloaded May 14, 2000).

Selection of papers for print:

It is planned that a selection of papers appearing in JMH will occasionally be published in printed book format. The Editor and Editorial board reserve the right to select papers from previous issues of the journal and to republish them after consultation with the authors.