Presentation and Call for papers

The Journal of Maltese History is a new, fully referred and peer reviewed, scholarly electronic journal, published by the Department of History, University of Malta. JMH intends to provide scholars with new space to publish high quality research on studies related to Maltese history and historiography, and to facilitate critical debate on methodological, theoretical and pedagogical issues. To be considered for publication, contributions should be of a high scholarly level, treating any topic of a social, economic, political and cultural history. Preference however will be given to papers taking a multidisciplinary or comparative approach and which place Maltese history within a broader regional and international perspective.

The Editorial board of JMH solicits original, high-quality research papers especially those looking at unstudied aspects of Maltese history. Studies which investigate any aspect of the Maltese past in its diversity, from ancient times to contemporary history, are most welcome to be considered for publication in JMH.

Some research topics for papers which the Editorial board is looking for are:  aspects of social life in the Maltese islands and of the Maltese abroad; women’s histories; gender, sexuality and social identity; labour in all its forms: from slavery to wage work, changes in industrial relations and labour organisation; household, family and the life cycle; issues of economic development, dependency and growth; the islands’ integration in the world economy; colonial rule - economic, social and cultural issues; post-colonialism and issues of identity; the multifaceted impact of war; welfare and health; maritime history; the history of art and ideas; the use of history and historical narrative in contemporary media.

Besides full length articles, JMH  also includes a section for Research Notes intended for a discussion on current research and on-going fieldwork projects. Another section is dedicated to the academic reviewing of publications in different formats, relating directly or indirectly to Maltese history.